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Southern smilax (Smilax Maritima), also known as wild smilax, East Texas smilax and Jackson Vine is grown and harvested here in East Texas. It is a hardy, green foliage that is usually in season from mid to late June through March of the following year.

On their own, smilax vines will form shrubs and create thickets full of heart-shaped leaves. These climbing, flowering vines can grow over 10m tall, their hooks allowing them to cling to branches and trunks. Smilax vines flower in May/June with clustered white and green flowers. Exceptionally hardy, Smilax is a very damage-tolerant plant that can be grown back from its rhizomes after being cut or burned down by fire, and its seeds have the highest chance of germination after being exposed to a freeze.

Care of product:
Upon receipt, open the box, mist and place in cooler until use.

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